Get Started with Merlyn and Symphony Classroom for Teachers

Rachel Robbins
Rachel Robbins
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To quickly get started with Merlyn and the Symphony Classroom, make sure to have all key components provided in the box. 
You should have the following:


Connect the components to get started

If your IT Admin has already connected your classroom screen and completed the onboarding process for you, proceed to step 4.

IT Admins should first add these URLs in their school system to allow Symphony Classroom to perform best.

  1. Remove the battery tab inside the remote control unit battery compartment.
  2. Use the provided HDMI cable to connect from the HDMI Out port on the Merlyn Hub to an HDMI In port on your interactive display.
  3. Turn the power switch on and complete the on-screen onboarding process that includes pairing the remote.
    Your Symphony Classroom may restart during this process to install the latest software for the device.
  4. Once onboarding is complete, connect your computer to the PC/HDMI 1 port at the back of the Symphony Classroom unit.
  5. If the Display is interactive, there should already be a USB-Touch cable connected from the USB-Touch port on the Display to the computer. 



Setting up your computer software

Your IT Administrator may have installed these for you. If not, follow the steps below:

  1. Merlyn Mind only works on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, so setting either as your default browser will ensure the pages display correctly.

  2. Sign in to the Teacher portal using your Google or Mircrosoft account credentials provided by your school.

  3. Click the link on the portal’s Downloads page to download and install the Merlyn Mind Chrome Extension. This allows control of your browser functions via remote and voice.


  4. Click the link to download and install the Merlin Mind Desktop App on your computer. The Desktop App activates the remote control and runs in the background to give your remote accurate point, click and drag functions.
    NB: When you sign in, use the same email address for the Teacher portal and the Desktop App.


  5. Most PC will pair automatically, but if not, go to the portal, go back to the homepage and enter the code shown on the classroom display to pair your computer.


Teacher portal settings

Now that your computer is paired, access your settings on the portal to personalize your experience. Here are options you can change:

  • Transcriptions 
  • Hints according to the websites you visit
  • Developer Mode - Advanced options for developers
  • Privacy
  • Refine Search Results 
  • Speech Options
  • Keystroke Options
  • Magic Pairing


You are now ready to use voice commands through the voice receiver on the unit or the remote control.

For more information, click one of the links below:

IT setup guide and network requirements for Symphony Classroom and Merlyn Mind

Using Symphony Classroom with Merlyn

Setting up and Using the Symphony Classroom Remote Control

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