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Rachel Robbins
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How can I have Merlyn only respond to the teacher?

You can prevent Merlyn from responding to commands from everyone else in the room by turning off the Symphony Classroom’s microphone and using Push-to-Talk. 

Press the mute button on your remote 2271fig1.png or Symphony Classroom unit 2271fig2.png. A red light on top of the unit lets you know the system is muted. Merlyn will stop responding to commands and listening for the “Hey Merlyn” wake phrase. 

Use the Push-to-Talk button on the remote 2271fig3.png to command Merlyn. Merlyn will only respond to whoever is speaking into the remote.

To turn the Symphony Classroom’s microphone back on, simply press the mute button again.


What can I ask Merlyn?

Refer to these commonly used voice commands.


Does Merlyn understand any other languages?

Currently, Merlyn only understands English.


How do I access my Symphony Classroom’s settings?

Press the Settings button 2271fig4.png on your remote or by saying “Hey Merlyn, open settings.”


What happens if my remote stops working?

First check the battery level by going to Settings and selecting the Remote option. If it is lower than 30%, try changing the batteries. 

The remote may have lost connection and needs to be paired again. Say, “Hey Merlyn, pair my remote”. This will unpair any other remotes and pair yours again. 

Contact your IT support to order a new remote if the previous suggestions have not worked. 


Can Merlyn help me find my remote?

Yes! Just say, "Hey Merlyn, Where is my remote?" and Merlyn will play a sound to help you find it.


How do I re-align my Air Mouse?

If your Air Mouse is not accurately following the cursor on the screen, you can quickly re-align it. First, turn off the Air Mouse by pressing the Air Mouse button 2271fig5.png on your remote. Second, point your remote to the location of the cursor on your screen. Third, turn on your Air Mouse by pressing the Air Mouse button 2271fig6.png on your remote. Once you turn it on, the cursor and your Air Mouse should be aligned.


What does the orange circle on the right side of my screen do? Can I turn it off?

The orange circle gives website-specific Merlyn hints. Click it anytime you need help or want suggestions on how to use Merlyn.  

You can turn off hints at any time in your Teacher portal settings. To update your Account Settings, visit this website and toggle the 'Hints' setting.


Is the Merlyn Mind Desktop App compatible with Chromebooks?

No, the Desktop App is not currently compatible with Chromebooks.


How do I reset my account password on the Teacher Portal?

Your Merlyn credentials are school-issued Google or Microsoft accounts. Please contact your IT administrator to reset your password. 

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